The year 2001 is bound to become a good year for gambling, especially for you, the gambler. Sick Humor offers you the best and the safest betting systems for every casino game – and at a very modest price.

So if you are packing for a trip to Vegas, be sure to pack the literature !

Now go beat the casinos at their own games !

MOST GAMBLERS erroneously believe that playing the roulette is simply a matter of luck. Few gamblers realise that, like any other casino game, the roulette can be beaten. But how do you shift the odds of the casino to be in your favor, you ask? Simple – by knowing your probabilities! – by knowing your math!

Fortunately all the math homework has now been figured out for you; all you have to do is purchase this amazing book and start raking in big time! In less than one hundred pages the author presents and describes the one and only totally water proof roulette betting system known to date. The first part of the book accounts for the countless hours of research at the tables; then the mathematical arguments are presented; and finally the astoundingly simple, yet versatile, roulette gambling system is described in detail.

Should the eggheads have all the fun? Buy the book and join in on the feast today.

Always bet all your Money on Red! Always!
Martin Olsen
Sick Humor Press, 2001

For many years I used a similar, yet slightly different, gambling system. I must have bet millions of times on black, and I must have lost billions of dollars doing so. I never won a single dime and now I finally know why. But my luck has turned; ever since I read this book I have won every bet!
-- Jens Arnspang, professional gambler
HAVE YOU EVER been stuck at third base at the blackjack table, cursing your misfortune as your losses just grew bigger and bigger? Then you will not only know the importance of choosing the right chair, you will also know which chair is definitely the wrong one. But which chair, then, is the right one? This book will give you the answer.

The answer is simpler than you might think: You want to sit where the chips from third base go. The book will reveal one of the most well-guarded secrets of blackjack – how to steal fourth base, and how to play it. Fourth base has its own dress code, its own lingo, and its own rules, and the book will reveal all the details. For as long as you can hold fourth base, the advantage is all yours. When first through third base lose, fourth base wins. When the other bases win, you are tipped. With tipping being mandatory, you simply cannot lose!

If you are a blackjack aficionado, the question you should ask yourself is not if you can afford to buy this book. You should ask yourself if you can afford not to!

Stealing Fourth Base and Running their Money Home
Morten Mikkelsen
Sick Humor Press, 2001

THE GAME OF MEIER is a game known by few, mastered by fewer – but those who truly master the game would never even consider playing any other game. So what do they know that you do not know? First and foremost, they know that the game of Meier is one of the most rewarding games you are likely to encounter at any casino. They know the rules, the strategy and the little tricks of the trade. They know the essentials, in other words.

Meier is not offered by many casinos, but when you venture off the Strip in a rightish direction to seek out Meier’s Palace – or, if you prefer low table limits, Casino Lillemeier – then be sure to bring this book. Ever wondered what “36 say no more” meant? Ever pondered if “32” was a sucker bet? Ever considered if you should bluff against “42”?

This nifty 1,200-page companion will provide you with all the answers and, ultimately, all the profit !

1,000,001 Essentials of Meier
Lasse Wallentin
Sick Humor Press, 2001

EVER SINCE the first steam driven video poker turing machines were installed in Las Vegas, the mechanical game of video poker has lured and fascinated the gambler. For what secrets lie hidden in the smoke and the whistles? How are the cards shuffled and dealt by these pulleys and levers? What arcane information is recorded on the tape of the turing machine? And hey – I guess we have all asked ourselves that question at one time or another – what’s the deal with that red button ?

It is common trivia that had automotive technology only evolved at the same pace as turing machinery, we would today be exceeding 1,200 mph in our shoebox-size cars – and the roads would be infinite. Somewhat surprisingly, however, in spite of the leanness and meanness of present day video poker turing machines, the underlying machinery remains the same to the very last bolt.

With one edition sold out and the second edition still in stock, we are proud to provide you with the indispensable and never surpassed authority on video poker.

Steam Powered Poker Devices” (2nd edition)
A. M. Turing
Sick Humor Press, © 1943, 1991

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