Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2001 17:59:48 +0100", "Thanks for your reply.

I have been waiting for you to answer all day, I am really excited about this opportunity you are offering me.
I've allways wanted to visit Africa, so we must plan a trip real soon, ok?

I'd prefer if my company is not involved, so that I can get all the money myself, therefore you should scan and email me the documents that you wanted to fax me, can you do that, please? We'll keep it private between you and me, ok?

Now for the trip again.
Can you arrange for me a place to stay for the time I should be in South Africa? For how long do I need to go there?
Will we be visiting Robben Island, Table Mountain, and maybe go on the Monkey Town Primate Centre near Cape Town? I really like to get a whiff of the culture when I go to new places.

Hope to hear from you about travel plans soon!", "/Morten
Dan-Cake"); write_comment("Lidt oplevelsestrang skræmmer åbenbart ikke Jose, men lidt betænkningstid tog han sig..."); write_carlosLetter( "Subject: Re: Your Mail
Date: Sat, 24 Feb 2001 13:25:33 +0200
From: \"jose carlos\" <>
", "Dear Mr Morten;

I thank you once again for declaring to assist me.all I am promising you is that you will not miss a single action when you come to Africa .We will visit those places you mentioned and even go down to Durban beach.

Dear Morten,I had prefered your company to handle this business because of the huge amount of money that is involved .But if you think that you can handle the money properly when it gets to your account,then i think we do not have any problem with that.I prefer you give me your telephone number in your reply so that i will call you and discuss in full.

I have a place you will stay and the business will take five bank working days and if you want to stay longer than that, there is no problem.

Please send me your telephone number and start making arrangement for the trip.I am waiting anxiously for your reply.", "Thanks,
Jose Carlos."); write_comment("Nu skal vi snart afsted, lyder det til..."); write_dancakeLetter("images/seriousceo.jpg", "Subject: Re: Your Mail
Date: Mon, 26 Feb 2001 13:28:45 +0100
To: <>", "Hi,
Thanks again for giving me this great opportunity, I am very excited. I would like to see Durban beach even though I have never heard of it. What is it?

I just thought about a thing: Is it possible to go on a safari where I maybe can shoot a tiger or some wild animal?

I would really love that. Think about what my friends would say if I had the skin lying in front of the fireplace!

I don't think there should be a problem with the money, as far as I know, there are no upper limits on the account balance.

I would prefer not to get the company involved in any way, therefore I just purchased a mobile phone, so that you can call me there at all times, and I can even bring it to South Africa, too. But unfortunately the phone will not be working until thursday or so, I hope that's ok?

Could you please tell me when I should come, so that I can arrange a vacation from the office?

Hope to hear from you soon,", "Morten"); write_comment("Findes der en øvre grænse en bankkontos indestående?
Vi ved det faktisk ikke, og det vil nok gå os på en rum tid endnu."); ?> Subject: Re: Your Mail
Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2001 16:30:47 +0200", "Dear Mortem,
I got your mail and I am honestly waiting for you .So what I am now telling you is to start all the necessary arrangement as quickly as possible.In fact it will be better you are here possibly first week of March so that we will finish everything immediately.When your telephone starts working on thursday,please send a mail and also include the telephone number so that I can call you to know the extent you have gone with your arrangements.", "Thanks,
Jose Carlos."); write_comment("Han kunne da lige stave navnet rigtigt..
En velfortjent ferie gjorde, at vi ikke svarede
Jose lige med det samme, så der gik lige lidt...
Til gengæld er vi ret tilfredse med svaret. Se det på næste side >>"); include "pagefoot.php"; ?>