Dell Customer Service

Hello Dell support, As students using Dell computers we must say that we had a few problems getting your monitors out of the box. After a day or so, we decided that we shouldn't let a stupid monitor be a problem, and that we could convince it to come out by manhandling it. As you can see in this picture, it escalated as the monitor refused to come out freely
We thought that cracking the box open using dynamite would persuade the
little monitor.
And I must say it worked perfectly, although the monitor came too far out of
the box..

In fact, it came flying out of the box at such a speed that we were unable
to hold it inside the stratosphere, and you should be able to see the
orbiting Dell monitor on starry days in the northern hemisphere.
", "
We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy Newyear,
  Lasse, Martin, Rune, and Morten